Joliet Royal Family KIDS' Camp 2017

Serving abused and neglected kids from Joliet and the surrounding areas

July 9 - 14

Royal Family KIDS' Camp, also known as RFKC, is an international organization dedicated to children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. RFKC is a week long, residential summer camp for foster boys and girls. 

Royal Family KIDS Camp Joliet #188 provides foster children from Will, Grundy and Kendall counties with an opportunity to attend an RFK camp locally.  RFK Joliet #188 also offers kids in the program a one -on-one mentor, additional retreats, and ongoing Club Activities throughout the year. 

Our Vision:
     That every foster child, ages 7 to 11, experiences a life-changing camp, club and mentor.

Our Mission:
     Create life changing moments for children of abuse

Our Purpose:
     To mobilize the faith community to confront child abuse

Our Values: 
     Treat people royally, keep moving forward, make moments matter


RFKC2016 is July 10-15 and will be packed with the same fun activities we have offered in previous years.  If you would like to volunteer for RFKC2016, click here to access online forms to print and return by May 1, 2016.

RFKC children are treated like royalty all week to create positive memories.  All children are from the Joliet area, with campers from the previous year having priority. We began in 2007 with 24 kids, and have grown each year!  We had 50 campers last year!   

Click here for Letters to God and Why I like RFKC - campers' responses to the week.

Take the next step by downloading volunteer applications and camp applications for foster children, or by donating to RFKC2017.


Club 2016-2017

Club is our mentoring program. Last year we started with 7 kids, this year we started our mentoring program with 15 kids! Club is so cool because we get to see our campers on a monthly basis all year! We meet one Saturday a month to hear a bible story, sing, and eat lunch. Afterwards the mentors do an activity with their kid.  This year so far, we gone to the pumpkin patch and rolling skating!

Mentoring is very essential for kids that need a positive role model. It is not easy for our mentors to commit every month, they have to put their busy lives aside to fully commit to their club kids. However our mentors are committed and follow through in rain or four feet of snow!

 Teen Retreat

 Our teen retreat is for our campers that have “graduated” camp (12-17 year olds). We go on a weekend retreat to continue creating strong, astounding, incredible kids. We have created such a special bond that it is difficult to say goodbye when they graduate from camp. We usually have around twenty teens and a lot of staff. For the last two years, we have done a winter retreat. We get to play in the snow, go tubing, and play board games. It is fun but not enough!

That’s why this year, we started by offering an additional outing.

  • We went to a Christian Youth Convention aimed for teens. Perfect! We took a few of our teens and they had a blast. We are hoping that next year we can take a few more!
  • We went to our winter retreat in early January and had a blast!! When we arrived there wasn’t any snow but it started snowing the next day! Tubing we went. We had so much fun that our teens that we went on a second retreat, In The Same Month!!
  • We attended a teen retreat that was offered for youth groups. It was pretty cool and the teens loved it!

We shall see what 2016 has in store for us!!?  Maybe someone will donate a school bus so we can have a vehicle to use…


In 2011, we launched our first caregiver event. Caregivers were given an opportunity to relax with other foster parents and Southwest families, as well as be encouraged and educated on aspects of foster parenting.  This was a day set apart for them to just kick back, relax and let us love them! We plan to continue to expand our support of caregivers with afternoons out, pre-registration for camp (returning camp families), and workshops to help caregivers.  It is an exciting time to be involved in RFKC. These events have grown and improved with each year and we are looking forward to hosting another event in March, 2014.