Growth Track

If you’ve made that decision for Christ in your life, then this is the place for you!

Here you’ll find any and all next steps you can take as a new believer in our church family.

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Being Baptized

Baptism is one of the core ordinances Jesus taught. After accepting Jesus into your heart and your Lord and savior, the next step is to make that personal decision public. We baptize because it is the first thing Jesus calls us to do following our salvation response. Let us know if you want to be baptized!


Becoming A Volunteer

Serving is the SURE-FIRE way of connecting with our church family and growing closer to Christ. There are so many opportunities to share your talents and gifts with the community we serve. We welcome you to sign up below and use your gifts and talents to make a difference.

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Joining a Small Group

We offer small groups as a way of cultivating community in our church family! Small groups are all about diving into God’s word and connecting with genuine people. Click below to have a look at all our groups and sign up for the one that you feel comfortable being a part of!


Becoming a Partner

As a new believer, we would love it if you would consider Southwest as home for you. Partnership at Southwest is about letting us know that you’re dedicated to being involved with our church family.