Southwest is an exciting church community for all ages and ethnicities where you’ll find people committed to helping you connect with God and others. We want Southwest to be a place where you can worship God, embrace others, discover faith, and share life

Our values make us uniquely us. While many churches share a common doctrine,  each church embodies a unique set of values.

Here is a list of some of our unique values:

We believe Christianity isn’t independent study.

God didn’t stuff the Bible and a syllabus in a bottle and let it fall from the sky. God sent a person — Jesus., and And that person brought the reality of God to humanity through real relationships. People experience God best in the context of committed relationships. That’s why we put emphasis on our small groups.

We love God and will love the people he has made.

Some churches love people but act like they don’t like them very much. May we NEVER become that. Jesus loved and liked people. Jesus went out of his way for people. Church shouldn’t be tight collared and short tempered. If we love people, then meeting together should be fun, full of laughter, zest, and passion.

We believe Christianity is a decision and an action.

Often Churches often emphasize the importance of making a decision to believe in Christ, but often fail to assist people in becoming an active “follower” of Christ. We believe that Jesus challenged people to follow him — to live like him, to know him, to become like him.

We believe that ministry flows from personal wholeness.

We believe that healthy ministry flows out of a healthy minister. Jesus knew his physical and emotional limits. Jesus knew the importance of fostering a healthy inner life with his Father. Like Jesus, each of us must learn to grow a healthy and deep spiritual life out of which we may effectively minister the love of God to others.

Dress is casual. You’ll see everything from blue jeans to khaki’s to a few in their “Sunday best.” Come dressed as you would to go to a casual dinner with your friends. The atmosphere is energetic and engaging with challenging and thoughtful teaching of Scripture.